Masters Surf School offers a complete range of windsurfing lessons, tours and adventures. Our friendly Instructors are all well trained full-time instructors that are dedicated to their sport, including some of the most highly qualified windsurfing instructors and trainers. We are open all year round, and the weather is always warm and inviting. You will learn the latest windsurfing techniques and progress quickly. Whether you are a beginner or expert, young or old, Masters Surf School has a great program that makes learning fun, come ride with us.

To learn the basics of Windsurfing you need, on average, Two to Four days and then a few more days to strengthen and practice what you have learned.

You’ll know that the first thing you need is Windsurfing lessons with a Masters Surf School certified instructor. Below the most popular Windsurfing courses we offer, please contact us for the list of available courses and price.More Info and Booking

First Timers Courses ( 3 hours or 6 hours )

New to windsurfing? Not for long. Our Three hours course introduces the sport in a fun, safe environment. The Course are three hours, but you’re up in sailing in minutes -- experiencing the power of the wind in your hands (This Course is designed for the Youth and Adults).


Advanced Courses ( 9 hours or 12 hours )

You’re ready to harness in and progress and you want to experince the speed. This course is designed for the beginners starting with the fundamentals till achive using the harness and feel the speed (This Course is designed for the Youth and Adults).